Warranty Unlimited Mileage*


Data Package 1GB/month*

6 times

Free Labour Service*

RM 123,800

Starting Price*

Maximum illumination in all weather conditions with the stylish full LED headlamps.

Attractive and functional with flowing turn signal lamps.

Geometric multi spoke design for dynamic aesthetics.

A classy touch that welcomes you onboard.

Enjoy the full view of the skies above.

10” high definition display for clear images of information that matters most.

Soft interior lighting for a touch of class.

Spacious cabin to fit up to 7 adults comfortably.

Soft and supple leather seats with power adjustment, lumbar support and Boss switch for sheer comfort and luxury.

True personal space with uncompromised comfort.

Improved comfort with cool air circulating through the seats.

Automatically regulates the temperature for driver and front passenger for a comfortable journey.

Rear air-conditioning with 2nd and 3rd row air vents for optimum cooling.

Automatically locks the doors when the driver leaves for convenience and safety.

Automatically opens the tailgate for hands-free operation.

Protect and reduce the risk of injury during a collision.

Alerts and automatically brakes the vehicle when a potential frontal collision is detected. 

Alerts the driver when a potential rear-end collision is detected and activates the hazard lamps to warn the rear vehicle.

Maintains a safe distance with the vehicle in front regardless of changes in speed.

Maintains a safe distance with the vehicle in front and keeps the vehicle in the center of the lane.

Detects and displays road sign information in the meter combination.

Monitors for blind spots and alerts the driver when vehicles are nearby for safer lane changes.

Detects approaching vehicles from rear and sides when reversing out from a parking space.

Automatically switches the headlamps between high to low beam when there are oncoming vehicles.

Monitors real-time tyre pressure for peace of mind.

Detects parking spaces and performs self-parking for convenience.

Provides visual assistance to maneuver and park with ease.

Floating touchscreen monitor that provides easy access to important features at your fingertips.

GPS navigation with traffic alerts and driving directions to reach your destination.

Enjoy your favourite music and stay up-to-date with the current weather conditions.​

Mirror-link Android or iOS smartphone to the infotainment head unit for easy access to your favourite apps.

Remotely monitor and control specific functions of the vehicle such as starting the engine and air-conditioning settings.

Charge electronic devices with ease, available in all 3 rows of the vehicle.

Charges mobile devices clutter free.

A mild-hybrid system that improves performance and fuel efficiency for a smoother driving experience.

  • Comfort Start

    Quiet and refined engine restart after a full stop.

  • Dynamic Boost

    Additional power during low speed acceleration.

  • Full Boost

    Additional power and torque during overtaking.

  • Smart Glide

    Engine shuts down and transmission disengages during coasting to reduce fuel consumption and frictional losses.

  • Extended Shut Down

    Engine shuts down below 15km/h to reduce fuel consumption.

  • Auto Start Stop

    Engine remains off when vehicle is not in motion.

Experience faster, smoother and more responsive gear shifting in all traffic conditions.

Choose between Eco, Comfort or Sport mode to suit your driving style.

Warm up the engine and cool down the cabin before entering the vehicle.

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