Warranty Unlimited Mileage*


Data Package 1GB/month*

3 times

Free Labour Service*

RM 86,300

Starting Price*

Contrasting colours create a head-turning, stylish look.

Enjoy clear views of the road ahead, no matter the weather conditions.

Turbine inspired design adds a dynamic touch.

Lights the way to the vehicle when you unlock it.

Chromed exhaust tailpipes add a sporty finish.

For a modern contemporary appearance that exudes a sporty feel.

Full colour display highlights the information you need at a glance.

Catch a breath of fresh air or open up to experience the world from where you are.

Intelligently designed to offer additional storage space.

The perfect balance of performance and efficiency with 177PS of power and 255Nm of torque.

For faster, smoother and more efficient gear shifting.

Normal, Comfort or Sport mode for a more personalised driving experience.

Choose between Normal, Eco or Sport mode to suit your driving style.

Automatically keeps the brake engaged once you come to a complete stop.

Warm up the engine and cool down the cabin before entering the vehicle.

Remote Control via PROTON Link App

10.25” Infotainment Head Unit

Voice Command

Online Navigation

Online Music Streaming and Weather Forecast

Smartphone Connectivity

Online Navigation

Deploys during a collision to protect and reduce the risk of injury.

Improves vehicle stability in varying road and weather conditions by reducing understeer or oversteer.

Automatically brakes the vehicle to reduce the risk of injuries in potential frontal collisions.

Maintains safe distance from the vehicle ahead, up to the pre-set cruise control speed, even in stop and go traffic.

Works with ACC to provide steering assistance to keep your vehicle in the centre of the lane.

Actively keeps your vehicle in the lane.

Sends an alert when the vehicle unintentionally begins to drift out of the lane.

Monitors blind spots and alerts you when vehicles are nearby.

Automatically switches between low and high beams when there are oncoming or other vehicles nearby.

Monitors real-time tyre pressure and temperature to provide peace of mind.

An intelligent and convenient self-parking system to help you ease into parking spots.

Get a bird’s eye view of your surroundings as you park the vehicle.

Adjust your driving position with the touch of a button for optimum comfort.

For faster, smoother and more efficient gear shifting.

Keep your passengers cool and refreshed in the rear seats.

Removes smoke particulates, dust, bacteria and other pollutants for cleaner air.

Automatically switches on and adjusts the speed of the front wipers according to rainfall intensity for maximum visibility.

Warm up the engine and cool down the cabin before entering the vehicle.

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